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About Me:

Well the bad news is that, yes, that is me pictured in the photo section, good news... well I can't be all bad can I???

As you can see I don't sport the Mohican all the time, this was taken at Xmas 2002, hence the holiday 'beard'. I was planning to dye my mohican a nice festive red for the two weeks I had off work around then but never got round to it.



  • Music - I love music, am a true audiophile!
  • Gadgets - What can I say? I'm just a child at heart.
  • Movies - Not too fussy about what, I like what I like.
  • Theatre and Musical - It's all good fun :)
  • DIY - More gadgets I guess but it's just nice to be able to stand back and see that you've made something.
  • People buying me things: If for whatever reason you'd like to buy me something here's my [Amazon wishlist]


  • The way the music industry is going - It's all Radio Ga Ga
  • The fact that it's soo damn hard find the money to buy a house