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Zero Foot Print Earphone Plugs

In this crazy world where you can buy a 64GB usb drive that is little bigger than the USB plug itself how comes ear phones still have a zonking great big plug on them.

What we need for our iPod/iPhone and other PMPs is a zero (or near enough) foot print earphone plug.
If the cable was strengthened near the socket than that could be used to pull the plug out, eliminating the bulky plug entirely.


iPhone Frequently Used Apps

The iPhone, and the iPod touch’s navigation is fine…. whilst you only have a couple of pages of apps installed. But once you get five pages of apps installed it starts to get a little impractical.

Seeing as last time I suggested to a friend that it would be good to be able to arrange the icons on your computer, thru iTunes or such, it was announced at the very next apple conference and released in that version of iTunes.

So my suggestion to get in before the next Apple conference on the 27th, is not a major overhaul of the UI, but simply to give a page or two to the fix icons down the bottom of the iPhone/iPod Touch UI.

iPhone UIHere you can see the iPhone UI with the default icons in the fixed ‘dock’ at the bottom. I’m simply suggesting allowing that to be 2 pages that you can swipe between to allow 8 icons that are fixed, independently of the other pages of icons above it.

You’d only have to swipe one way or another to get to the call functions etc but could access a further 4 apps easily and quickly.