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Well, as of Monday 27th October 2003 I've been ritually fasting.
By that I mean I've been observing Islams guidelines for fasting.
I've been eating something in the morning (pre 5:15am) and then not eating again till 4:45pm each evening.
Sounds easy right?? Wrong, it's way harder than you'd think.

Why am I doing it?

I'm testing my discipline, setting myself a goal and then trying to stick to it. Today (31st October) I've been fasting this way for 5 days now.
Muslims fast this way for a whole 'month' during Ramadan (spelling differs sometimes). Parts of the reasoning behind this is because we gorge ourselves, eating more than we need to day in and day out not really taking into account those starving when we clearly have more than enough. It's also a time of worship where thoughts should be turned to Allah as well.

Why am I doing it the Muslim way?

Because I'm not crazy and don't want to end up doing myself any damage health wise it seemed rational to use boundaries and guidelines that have been set up many years ago and adhered to since.
I have a Muslim friend who has been helping me along the way.

How is it?

Like I said a lot harder than you'd think.
I did a single day of fasting this way the week before Ramadan (26th Oct) and thought that it was pretty easy, just fighting off the hunger pangs, busying myself and carrying on.
Today has been a real test of strength as I've wanted to just grab something to eat or drink (Muslim's don't drink between the times above either). I managed to get through it but it took a lot of discipline.

When will I stop?

I plan to do two weeks; 14 days, of this. Muslims will do this for approximately a month; the end is calculated by lunar projections. If I think I can, then I may try for the full month but my goal is 14 days.

Further Fasting:

On the Saturday 15th November 2003 I will be commencing a 24 Hour Famine in order to raise money for charity.

I have picked the charity Crisis to donate the sponsorship money to.
Crisis help homeless people who are unable to get statutory support.
More information is available at their website.

If you'd like to help me by pledging some money (£2 or more) then please feel free to do so by clicking the donate button below.
I'll be accepting donations for up to the end of November 2003.


I finished my last meal for 24 hours at about 10:30 on Friday 14th, a very very big curry that me and my siblings (mostly my siblings) cooked for my mum for a birthday meal.

I officially started my fasting at midnight of the 15th November.

I'll tell you this, despite my fasting in the previous weeks it was very hard, I did the fast on a Saturday so that I didn't have to be hungry at work and didn't run the risk of passing out at the tube station and ending up on the track!!
However fasting on a Saturday only went against me as I was idle for a great deal of the day despite trying to make myself busy.
This mean that during the evening I was almost literally crawling the walls aching for something to eat.

Almost everything I saw or did made me think of food :(
I swear that there was more adverts on for food and fast food that night than ever before.

I raised about £78 plus some money that work are contributing which will be £100 if I can get a further ?22 sponsorship (some of which I'll most likely provide myself).
It's not to late to donate still as I haevn't submitted the money yet and donations to Crisis are always welcomed.
You can either sponsor at the above donate link or preferably at this link:
[Crisis Sponsorship Page]

Thank you to all of those people who did sponsor me. Expect to see me knocking on your door soon to collect the money ;)
It was greatly appreciated and the thought of the money I was raising was what kept me going through my fast.