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For those of your who have been spammed from the Webheat domain:


Several (thousand) people may have received spam from this domain over the Easter weekend and again more recently at the end of July 2003.
Please accept my apologies for this, this spam was NOT sent by me but was sent by someone spoofing emails from my domain.
Please do not blackhole emails from my domain.

If you do wish to reduce any spam recieve by this spoofer then I would advise blocking the following unused email addresses:
& david
both @ this domain

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

They're at it again (~1 Sept 2004):

Alas some spammers are spoofing spam from this domain again

These one's seem to be a little less intelligent as the addresses are mostly nonesense

The addresses (i.e. that before the @ sign) seem to be a lot random this time, I can't really suggest any way to filter these at present